Weipro Ozonizer ET-50
Weipro Ozonizer ET-50

Weipro Ozonizer ET-50




  • Make ozone from the normal air for the pond and tank.
  • Providing clear and healthy water for your fish, reducing the microbial load of the water.
  • Highly reducing the nitrite, ammonia and pollutants in the water.
  • Improving the oxygen content of oxidation-reduction potential in the water.
  • Electric controlling the ozone output.
  • Connect with the skimmer or air pump using.
  • Fit for 100-1000 liters tank.
  • Suitable for fresh water and salt water.


  • Max. Ozone Output: 50mg/h
  • Ozone Adjustment: 5-50mg/h
  • Air Supply Flow: 20-500l
  • Tank Size: 100-1000l

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